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Perhaps one of the most personal and strongest ways to communicate your message is through video. While at one time this was an expensive media format, with the advent of lower priced equipment and the power of YouTube, video is now very common and less expensive. While in the past it was typical that a company may produce a general video and utilize it for several years, now you may see a series of videos posted every quarter or even every month within a coordinated marketing strategy.

Video marketing can be used for a variety of messages – testimonials, educational presentations, company tours, client or volunteer stories and much more. If you are a nonprofit organization, video can be a compelling way to share your mission and passion for those you serve. Integrate this video along with a printed appeal and increase the expected returns.

For associations and membership organizations, a testimonial as to the benefits a member receives can be a strong incentive in attracting new members. What is the message you look to share?

We can assist you in planning a strategy for video, help script the story and then coordinate the filming and editing. We work with an experienced videographer to help you prepare a professional video and then help you distribute this via your website, links within e-mail blasts, a link to printed QR codes and even the creation of your own YouTube channel. To see an example of this, check out our own video channel…

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