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While not actually a media format in itself, content marketing is though a very strong marketing element in use today across a wide variety of media formats. This might include Social Media marketing with content posts to your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, a YouTube Channel, through a Blog post, or white paper downloads.

The strength of this concept is that you can use multiple formats to share your knowledge and expertise – to establish yourself as a resource for your clients and prospects. When you are recognized as a source for new information, or even one that can redirect valuable content to those interested, then there is an increased comfort level and respect for you as a company.

Not only do you share this information through Social Media sites, it is also a great way to generate leads. By developing a “white paper” or report that can be downloaded via a “landing page,” you can reach out to prospects and offer them the opportunity to learn from you before they commit to doing business.
If you would like more information on how to develop a content marketing sales strategy, give us a call today!

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