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Cross Media Services

As recent as 10 to 15 years ago, when marketing your organization you really only had three options – Print, Radio or Television. Compare that with now and the different media options are seemingly unlimited – E-mail, Website, Video, a variety of Social Media platforms and a number of methods available in connecting all of them. While the options are many, the most important thing to consider is the reinforcement factor. By integrating your marketing message through multiple media formats, you will have a much stronger opportunity to reach your targeted audience. The additional "touches" that you create through cross-media marketing helps reinforce the message. Additionally, different people respond differently, so finding the right media format for a given prospect is key. At CL Graphics we can work with you to adapt your communications to utilize in a number of cross-media applications. The digital "footprint" or format might change, however the message will remain the same. In addition, creating a coordinated plan can also allow for more automation – once you receive a visit to a given Landing Page, an automatic real-time response is sent to your prospect and your sales force is provided the lead in real-time to plan a follow-up call. Individuals that do not respond to an initial contact are then scheduled for a subsequent mailing after a period of time, and so on…

For an example of a cross-media campaign, click here to view our e-publication that includes a variety of media formats.

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