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We understand that the world of business and marketing can be rather intimidating, so we have compiled these resources for your benefit. Below is a summary of each topic. Please click on a link for more information.

Tips & Tricks - This is a great resource if you are setting up your own files to send to us. It has its own sub menu with specific areas both technical (files, fonts, images) and content (how to write effectively) to paper choice, (yes, it is important).

In the Frequently Asked Questions section, that is exactly what you will find, answers to the most common questions we receive. If you think of anything we've left out that you feel would be helpful, please contact us at 815.455.0900 or send an email to If you still have questions, please call us! We are here to serve you.

CL Graphics Marketing Checklist - Use this checklist to outline important criteria for developing a marketing strategy for your company. Not all questions may be relevant for your organization, however answering as many as possible will ensure that you do not miss potential opportunities.

Current Postal Rates - This is a chart that you can download and print out for quick reference of the current postal rates. Please note that rates went up on 5/31/15.

Seminar Downloads - Our seminars display real-life ideas you can use for your specific market. Feel free to download the power point presentations from our past seminars.

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