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Looking to Streamline Your Ordering Process?

If your role is to be the Print or Media Buyer for your organization, then you are most concerned with finding ways to either save money, or save time – or ideally, both! At the same time you do not want to give up on quality or sacrifice the branding of your materials.

So How Can We Help?

There may be several ways to streamline the process and save you money. For sure we can help by looking at the overall print quantities that you typically order. Perhaps by reducing the quantity and running the job on a digital press could be the answer – not only a lower initial cost, but by reducing the amount of unused pieces you can also save significant money.

Another way might be to develop an on-line ordering process for your print materials. We will take the most commonly used materials and list them with order quantities. You can even include variable information items such as a business card. We then identify everyone who will have authority to place orders, password protect the “document library,” and post this site either linked to your own web page or as part of our site. On-line ordering is fast and easy, and is especially effective at keeping a consistent branding even when multiple locations and buyers are involved.
For maximum impact on your bottom line, we have developed the Print/Mail Consult© program. This is an entirely new way of looking at your print expenditures – we work with you to first analyze all of your print costs, average quantity orders, how often they order last, who is involved in ordering, etc. Then we prepare a detailed proposal of how we can save you money by combining all your print ordering through one source. With this program there is the potential to eliminate seasonal swings in purchasing, implementation of a standard approval process, create consistency in corporate standards, and the development of an ongoing partnership that encourages open communication and strategic planning.

If you would like additional information on these programs, please give us a call at 815-455-0900, or through e-mail at:

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