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Want to Increase Donors?

Now more than ever, if you could increase your current donor base by 5-10%, your bottom line would improve dramatically! Think about it – every non-profit organization out there has had to cut back on expenses in some form or another. For many it is reduced staffing, lower marketing budgets, elimination of travel, etc. And while all of these reductions are necessary to some degree, the real challenge or goal, is to increase support and donations! If you can do this, your organization will get stronger and be able to weather the ups and downs of the economy.

So How Can We Help?

While the initial reaction is to cut your marketing budgets in times like this, in reality a smart and well-targeted marketing plan can reap tremendous benefits in down economies. It is critical to keep your mission “top of mind.” If you do this while every other organization is cutting back, you will be the one to attract new donors.

The trick to it though is to make sure you have a well thought out plan! Know your strengths and weaknesses, know your mission and vision – and most important of all, know who your prime donors prospects are. If you do not have a donor profile, then develop one immediately. These can be done at a reasonable investment (typical cost of just $250) and will help provide you the basis to begin.

As the old adage goes, 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your donors. Once you know the right 20%, then develop strategies and communication that will appeal to them. You will want to segment your efforts towards two different groups – your existing base (don’t ignore them!), and then your new prospects that fit the profile.

An Integrated Marketing Plan is key to your success. Not only do we want to make it highly targeted to the right audience, but we also need to recognize that everyone will respond to different media. E-mail marketing, mobile marketing, broadcast (both television and radio), and print each offer pros and cons – but when you include a variety of media to communicate your services, you will find a higher response rate – guaranteed!

We can assist you by first looking at your current marketing plan and then brainstorming as to what is important to keep or modify. We will help you target your audience with a profile, and consult as to how to most economically reach this audience. We can then work with you to develop the creative aspect and follow through with the actual production. Finally, and most important, is to then track the results!

If you would like additional information on these programs, please give us a call at 815-455-0900, or through e-mail at:

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